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    Conflict substance procurement policy

    Conflict substance procurement policy?EICC claimedthat some metal minerals have become the main financial resourcesfor the armed rebels groups in the Democratic Republic of Congoin Africa; they e...

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    Usb-c to Lighting the quick charging cable is coming...

    In early September this year, The Apple company announced the latest R29 file of MFI specification , the latest public quick charge connector model for C94 (Exclusively for MFI enterprises), and before C52 , C91 connector the USB - C to lightning will use by Apple self, at the same time, the MFI had already open the old connector (USB - A to lightning) will be shut down, instead C89.In 11/14/2018 the Liangang MFI specialist in's official website confirmed, apple USB - C to lightning quick filling line can Apply PPID,And the official website also can buy chip.

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    LOT has become a member supplier of samsung VD

    On February 2, 2018, the CEO of Dongguan Lian Gang Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd(LOT),Alex Xu ?on behalf of the company participated in the samsung VD members day ceremony, officially becam...

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    LOT and Liberty Global Reach Project Cooperation

    The?CEO of Liangang,?Alex Xu, signed a cooperation agreement with Liberty Global today. The two sides have reached a consensus on the quality of existing orders and the shipment.This is the ...

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    The WPC Wireless?Power Consortium has published the list of Qi members in December: 367? ?

    Apple released three in support of wireless charging iPhone, wireless charging likes a boom being?a wave of waves, according to the Powered by Discuz, Samsung, Huawei, Millet are in place to pre...

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